Savage Gear Real Eel 16cm

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Want to go for another round but your Savage Gear Reel Eel needs replacing? Worry no more, the Savage Gear Real Eel Replacement Body Lure is packed so you can reuse your jig heads and replace damaged lures without the need to buy another Ready to Fish Lure set. This replacement body lure still features the lively curl tail kicking action - both on steady retrieve and on the drop. The Real Eel's design is so spot on; it tricks even the most wary predator fish to attack. Now the predator becomes the prey.

Savage Gear Real Eel Replacement Body Lures Features:
  • Replacement body lure for Savage Gear Reel Eel rig
  • Perfect for big predator fish
  • Superb for casting, vertical fishing and trolling
  • Ultra-low speed action
  • Boiling water reshape
  • Length: 16cm
  • Available colours: Black Green Pearl, Oliver Pearl, Purple Pearl, Watermelon
  • Qty: 2pcs/pack