Tending to houseplants in winter

Hello and welcome to the first blog I have written for our store, The Flyfishers Wife! This blog is about caring for your houseplants this winter.
I often get asked about watering plants, how much and how often seem to be the most commonly asked questions.
In summer I give my plants a good soak at least once a week with a combined feed of The Plant Runner indoor
plant food, I also love to give my plants a good spray of leaf shine.
I have a can called Spring Bladglans, not only does this product put a beautiful shine of the foliage it also makes
the plant healthy!
In winter I tend to water my plants a lot less. I water when I lift a plant up and it feels light and airy, maybe once a
fortnight. Look under your pot, if it looks damp and wet still, the roots are still moist - there is no need to overwater. I assume
a lot of house plants die from a rotting root system. Less is better over these cold months.
I don't feed my plants in winter either, its best to let them have a good rest. Your house plants will thrive in a nice
light warm room over winter, do not out your plants in direct sunlight as the leaves will burn unless you have
succulents which seem to adore full sun.
I would not re-pot houseplants in winter, wait until spring when your plant is actively growing again.

Some of you will be aware of my store policy - if you purchase a house plant from me and you get the
plant home and she isn't look very healthy and happy after a few weeks, you can bring the plant back in to our store
so can try my hardest to get her flourishing again.

Winter time is a time for rest for you and your collection of plants, keep warm and contact me any time for questions
or queries.


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